Miami Dolphins Dedicated to Giving Back

Left to Right: Brian Fleury, Frank Bush, George McNeilly, Rusty McKinnon

On opening day of the Sports Business Models class I teach at Full Sail University, we discuss the impact a franchise can have on a community.  This was quite evident at the recent (Miami) Dolphins Cancer Challenge Celebrity Golf Tournament.

Ponder this if you will.  On the day after the 2017 schedule was released,  devoted Dolphins employees were up early and volunteering at Turnberry Isle Golf Club.  Even some from the ticket sales department staff who might otherwise be generating revenue and commissions.

However, a commitment is a commitment and one such young man told me he had promised to help months ago, long before anyone knew of the timing this important announcement   He also told me he’d spend the weekend in the office calling everyone and explain his delay was for the right reasons.  While I haven’t checked back in with him, I’m confident no one expressed anything but support!  When you meet people of this caliber, you know the Dolphins are hiring and mentoring the right type of community-minded leaders in their front office.

Nat Moore

Dan Marino

As the NFL Draft draws near, head coach Adam Gase was on site to thank those supporting this most worthy cause.

I had the pleasure of golfing with Frank Bush, Assistant Head Coach & Linebackers Coach, Rusty McKinney, Defensive Quality Control Coach and Brian Fleury, Football Research Analyst.

Even legend Dan Marino made time for golf with benefactors of the team’s charitable endeavors.

Fact is, as a kid who grew up a fan of the Dolphins, and someone who has seen and supported his share of philanthropic works, it was an inspiration to see Nat Moore so passionately distribute the hardware to the winning teams.  Alas, we were not among recipients.

Far more important than a round of golf, the millions of dollars the team generates in support of Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center, part of the University of Miami Health System.

Fins up!